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Prepare for a Successful Remote Deposition

With the way the world is today, remote depositions are more important now than ever. Attorneys utilize remote depositions to continue the course of law while keeping everyone safe and healthy at home. Preparing for the particulars of a remote depositions will help attorneys ensure it runs as smoothly as possible, reducing client anxiety, guaranteeing a consistent testimony, and so much more. Learn about the best ways to prepare for a remote deposition below.

Before Your Deposition Starts…

  • Inform all involved parties (including your witnesses) that you wish to conduct a remote deposition via videoconference.
  • Contact your Miami court reporting firm and inform them that you wish to host a remote deposition, so they can set it up.
  • Email any documents or exhibits to everyone involved before the deposition.
  • Remember to say on record that the deposition is occurring remotely through videoconference, and that oath will be administered remotely.

Technical Tips

  • Utilize a device with a good built-in webcam and microphone, or set up an external webcam and microphone.
  • If an audio test reveals problems, you can call into the conference via the telephone number provided by the videoconferencing platform.
  • Make sure you have good internet speed to support a video call.
  • Close any excess programs that could cause lag in your stream.

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